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Bridgewater Community Dance

Bridgewater Community Dance, led by Sam Baumgarten, has been meeting at the Bridgewater Senior Center for 13 years, offering Folk, Square, Contra and Sacred Dances twice / month to a multi- generational group of dance enthusiasts. Sam’s mix of dances exercise the body, providing aerobic exercise, warming up to quicker movements; stimulate the brain the mind; requiring it to sort out and remember complex dance patterns and engaging the soul by connecting us through stories of origin cultures, through cooperative learning, appropriate body touching, and moments of meditation. Sam brings years of dance training and the inclusive methodologies which no longer define dancers by gender, but by “Larks and Robins” (Left and Right partners).

Primarily adults ( children ages 10 and up welcome with adult), Bridgewater area, who wish to dance and have fun! It’s a great way for single adults of all ages to meet others. It’s highly interactive and social.

The goal is to bring the joy of traditional dance to our larger Bridgewater community. Typical programs include dances from different countries around the world, New England style square and contra dance, modern-day line dances, and meditative dance from the Sacred Circle genre. Dances are presented in an inclusive manner, with modifications made to include all ability levels.
Sam Baumgarten is Professor Emeritus at Bridgewater State University, having taught physical education—including dance—to the span of ages, from elementary school through college. He is the co-author of a text on elementary physical education, and, in retirement, continues to offer dance workshops to area teachers. Musicians and guest callers are occasionally featured from among those who regularly teach/play/perform throughout New England.

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Celebrate Community & Dance with Us!

I have been dancing with Sam for over 6 years. Two times a month, Sam has lead us, the tentative and the rambunctious, the visiting and the regulars. We have learned easy and been challenged by complex.

In the end we always come out laughing.

Cedar Street Community Center is a perfect place to bring in some fiddlers ( we are so very lucky to have Eloise & Company, they are AMAZING) and make a good- olde country stomping time of it. Throw in some good friends and a bit of food and we’ve got a down – right perfect night. We hope you’ll join us.

~ Jacquie