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2018 Population: 14,313

The area which would become Raynham was settled in 1639 as a part of Taunton, was founded by Elizabeth Poole, the first woman to found a town in America. In 1652, iron was found along the Two Mile (Forge) River, and the town claims to be the site of one of the first successful iron works in America, and the last of those early iron works to officially close (in 1872). The eastern end of Taunton was separated from that town and incorporated as Raynham (named for the English town of Raynham in County of Norfolk, England) on April 2, 1731.

The town is part of the 8th Plymouth Massachusetts state representative district. It is also part of the First Plymouth and Bristol state senate district.  On the national level, the town is part of Massachusetts Congressional District 4. Raynham is governed by an open town meeting and  3 member board of selectmen with a town administrator.